Laboratory of mathematical models of quantum scattering processes

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    Laboratory of mathematical models of quantum scattering processes

    The Laboratory of mathematical models of the proceses of quantum scattering processes was founded in September 2011. The Chief of the Laboratory is associated professor Yuri Popov.

    Within the frames of atomic and molecular physics and condensed matter the staff of the Laboratory develop mathematical modelling of ionising interactions. The main direction of the Laboratory activity consists of studies of the processes of one- and multiple ionisation of quantum target (atom, molecule, surface) by electrons, ions, photons and powerful laser pulses. The Laboratory is specialized in the studies of mathematical basis of quantum theory of scattering of several charged particles, development of effective numeric methods for calculations of amplitudes and other scattering characteristics, analysis of interactions of such exotic particle as neutrino with atoms.

    Students and postgraduates of MSU Department of Physics are widely participate in the research projects of the Laboratory.

    The Laboratory cooperates with the leading Russian Universities, including MSU Department of Physics (Moscow), Obninsk Institute of Atomic energy of NRNU MEPhI (Obninsk), Pacific State University (Khabarovsk), Joint Institute of Nuclear Research (Dubna), N.G.Chernyshevsky Saratov State University (Saratov), and with foreign scientific centers - among them are University of Lotharingia (France), Goethe University (Germany), Catholic University of Leven (Belgium), University of Pherkhat Abbas-de-Setiph (Algeria), Max-Planc Institute of microstructures Physics (Germany), Martin Luther University (Germany), Toholu University (Japan).