Семинар по космической электродинамике 2 февраля, 2001 - 10:00

The dynamics of the magnetospheric current systems is studied in the course of the
specific magnetospheric disturbance on January 9--12, 1997 caused by the
interaction of the Earth`s magnetosphere with the dense cloud of the solar wind
plasma. To estimate the contribution of the different sources of the magnetospheric
magnetic field to the on ground measured disturbance, the dynamic paraboloid model
of the magnetosphere is used. The model input parameters are defined by the
solar wind density and velocity, by the strength and direction of the
interplanetary magnetic field (IMF), and by the auroral AL-index. The
total energy of the ring current particles determines the
contribution to Dst of the symmetric ring current in accordance with the
Dessler--Parker--Sckopke relation. The ring current energy
is calculated from the energy balance equation where the injection
function is determined by the value of the solar wind electric field.
The analysis of the magnetic disturbances during the January 9--12, 1997 event
shows that in the course of the main phase of the magnetic storm the contribution of
the ring current, the currents on the magnetopause and the currents in the
magnetotail are approximately equal to each other by an order of magnitude.
Nevertheless, in some periods, one of the current systems becomes dominant.
A comparison of the
calculated Dst variation with measurements indicates a good agreement. The
root mean square deviation is about 8.3~nT in the course of the storm.

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    Магнитосферное магнитное поле во время магнитной бури 9-12 января 1997 г.
    Автор(ы) доклада: В.В. Калегаев, И.И. Алексеев, Е.С. Беленькая, С.Ю. Бобровников (НИИЯФ МГУ), Я.И. Фельдштейн, Л.И. Громова (ИЗМИРАН)

Место проведения: Россия, Москва, микрорайон Ленинские Горы, 1с58 (корпус высоких энергий), комната 4-06

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Секретарь: Баринов Олег Георгиевич

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