Using the bremsstrahlung emission technique for observation of possible effect of time irreversibility of nuclear reaction in low energies

The calculation of cross section of direct and reversal in time nuclear reaction and bremstrahlung spectrum was made in framework of R-matrix theory for case of isolated resonance for 27Al(p,p) reaction at energy Ep ~ 1.72 MeV. It was obtained that the maximum contribution of T-violating effects for cross section takes place for energy near resonance for phase of relative width of channel equal 90 grad. Possible effects are stronger in bremstrahlung spectrum: the sensibility of T-noninvariance for bremstrahlung emission is 3 times higher than for cross sections.

Номер документа: 2000-18/622

Авторы: N.V.Eremin, D.A.Smirnov