Optimization of "focal plane" polarimeter with carbon

Using the program POLO2P of the mathematical simulation of the
proton polarimeters operation in the GeV region of energies the
optimization of main parameters of analyzing filter has been
carried out. The characteristics of the "focal plane" polarimeters
with low dense carbon, polyethylene and graphite (single or double)
filters were compared. It was shown that the using of the polyethylene
or multiple carbon filters doesn't look perspective at this
energies. Optimal parameters of filter and maximal achievable value
of polarimeter efficiency was calculated for 1--5 GeV energies
and the exponential decreasing of the efficiency vs energy was

Номер документа: 2000-34/638

Авторы: A.A.Yershov, L.I.Sarycheva, K.A.Chikin

Email: e@lav1.npi.msu.su