Structure effects in electromagnetic $\nu e$-scattering

The interpretation of experiments devoted to searching for effects
of electromagnetic $\nu e$-scattering due to anomalous magnetic moment
$\mu_\nu$ of massive neutrinos is discussed. It is shown, that the value
of $\mu_\nu$ cannot be determined undoubtly in these experiments if the
mass of the neutrino in unknown. The effective cross section of the
electromagnetic $\nu e$-scattering of Dirac relativistic neutrino
coincides with the cross section of scattering on the electron for the
charged lepton without the anomalous magnetic moment, but with the
effective electric charge $e_{\nu_{ef}} \leq 10^{-9} e$. This conclusion
can be understanded as the consequence of structure effect resulting from
the relativistic correction for Zitterbewegung of neutrino. It is shown,
that radiative processes may be neglected when the massive neutrino
interacts with the substance. The calculations of the elastic $\nu
e$-scattering cross sections and the radiative electromagnetic $\nu
e$-scattering cross sections in the framework of the quasiclassical method
are given in the appendices. Moreover the qualitative neutrino model which illustrate the sence of the neutrino effective electric charge is

Номер документа: 2000-14/618

Авторы: B.I.Goryachev