Educational work

Fundamental education in the fields of micro-and macro at the Division of Nuclear Physics of the Physics Department of Moscow State University (OYAF). Study at the department of about 250 students and 80 graduate students. The main scientific base is OYAF SINP
The structure consists of 9 OYAF departments:

  • atomic physics, plasma physics and microelectronics;
  • quantum theory and high energy physics;
  • space physics and cosmic rays;
  • neutron diffraction (Dubna);
  • General Nuclear Physics;
  • Optics and Spectroscopy
  • atomic physics and quantum theory of collisions
  • Accelerator Physics and Radiation Medicine;
  • Particle Physics (Dubna).

Contact for entrants:

Division of the new method and work with students Physics Department:
Phone: (495) 939-12-41
Official website of the Faculty of Physics of Moscow State University: