Семинар ОФАЯ Физика нано, атомных и ядерных систем и их взаимодействий

Event dates: Thursday, 6 December, 2018 - 11:00


  • Reports:

      An essential singularity in the Coulomb-nuclear phase shift delta_l and cot(delta_l), and a finite limit of the nuclear part Delta_l of the effective-range function derived at zero energy
      Автор(ы) доклада: Ю.В. Орлов
      An analytical continuation of a re-normalized scattering amplitude, and the asymptotic normalization coefficients deduced from experimental phase shifts. The 5Li resonance poles revisited
      Автор(ы) доклада: Ю.В. Орлов

    Place: Россия, Москва, микрорайон Ленинские Горы, 1с5 (19 корпус), комната 2-15

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    Secretar: Zatekin Vladimir Vital'evich

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