Participation of SINP scientists in a project of International Linear Collider

SINP scientists take part in the deveopment and adjustment of detectors for International Linear Collider (ILC). Scientists of the Department of Experimental High-Energy Physics are involved directly in this project preparing calorimeters for ILC detector.

In particular, five scientists of the Laboratory of Calorimetry Detectors made basic contribution in this project developing of about 400 detectors for ILC electromagnetic calorimeter. It must be noted that it is about 90% of total number of calorimeters!

In answer to a question about what is the difference between the operation of ILC and LHC colliders DSc. Leonid Gladilin told us:

"It must be taken into consideration, that ILC will be a factory of Higgs bozons and pair-production of top-quarks. Accurate maesurements of Higgs bozons and top-quarks will become a characteristic feature of ILC operation. This collider will also provide an opportunity for significant expansion of the area for searching of new physics beyond Standard model comparing to the studies by LHC. This research will require participation of young physicists."