SINP MSU: from the secrets of microworld to the riddles of the Universe

Opening of the seminar by Professor, DSc. Boris Ishkhanov (SINP MSU)

On February 6, 2014 a seminar on the basic phenomenon of the atomic nuclei interaction - giant dipole resonance - took place at SINP MSU. The leading Russian scientist from the Joint Institute of Nuclear Research, the Institute of Nuclear Research RAS, the National Research Nuclear University "Moscow Engineer-Physics Institute", the State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation "Physics-Energy Institute", the Technological Institute of Super-Hard and New Carbon Material took part in it.

The giant dipole resonance is a phenomenon observed during the processes of gammas' interaction with nuclei. It is that the nucleus
proton oscillations about neutrons occur in the field of the electromagnetic wave. As a result, a powerful well-defined resonance appears in the cross-sections of photo-nuclear reactions.

Giant dipole resonance is an object of many fundamental studies devoted to the arrangement of the atomic nuclei and nuclear reactions carrying. Giant dipole resonance is widely used not only in the field of nuclear physics, but also in applied research: in medicine, geology, biology, metallurgic engineering, in NDT systems, border systems, in the systems for control of drugs and explosives distribution and detection. Recently the properties of photonuclear reactions within the energy ranges of the giant dipole resonance are more and more used in the field of the nuclear astrophysics. Therefore it is necessary, first, to know all basic characteristics of the giant dipole resonance for all known nuclei, and, second, to understand how and why these characteristics are displayed or not displayed during the given processes.

The seminar was organized in order to introduce the specialists from different organizations to both experiemntal and theoretical results and to discuss the solution approaches to the problems of the development of integral concept of the giant dipole resonance.

There were 11 reports presented at the seminar, followed with a long discussion concerning the basic directions of the studies in the field of electromagnetic interactions. The special need for the development of the new generation gamma-sources in Russia was noted.

Soon all reports of the seminar will be published.

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