Scientific equipment RELEC passes preflight tests as part of the satellite MKA-FKI (PN2)

The Leading researcher DSc. Sergey Svertilov told us about the current status of RELEC project: "Currently scientific equipment RELEC is placed onboard the satellite MKA-FKI (PN2) and passes all necessary preflight tests as a part of the spacecraft in Lavochkin Scintific-Production Association."

Scientific equipemtn RELEC (Relativistic ELECtrons) is a complex of the instruments developed by SINP scientists. Its purpose is to study high-altitude electric discharges, atmospheric transients (sprites, blue jets, elves, etc.) and relativistic electrons precipitations from the Earth radiation belts.

RELEC studies are of great importance not only for the fundamental science, but also have applied meaning: precipitated electrons are dangerous for the spacecrafts.

A small spacecraft for the fundamental space reasearch (Russian abbreviation MKA-FKI (PN2)) is planned to be launched together with meteorological satellite "Meteor-M".

"The satellite MKA-FKI(PN2) is the first in the list of concurrent spacecrafts", - Sergey Svertilov noted.

Preliminary date of spacecrafts launch is June 1, 2014.

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