The Instrumentation Center of SINP MSU will produce electronic devices for ground-based and space research

The Instrumentation Center of SINP MSU

The Instrumentation Center is now open at SINP MSU in order to develop and produce electronic devices of any complexity for space and ground-based scientific research.

In order to produce electronic devices the Center is provided with complete production cycle, including development, manufacturing and testing of the equipment. Facilities of the Center allows limited and short-run production.

The Instrumentation Center is headed by Alexander Chepurnov, who has considerable experience in the field of development and design of electronic devices for big experimental facilities, elementary particles accelerators and scientific devices for space research. SINP Director Mikhail Panasyuk is sure that the Center will reach great success under the guidance of Alexander Chepurnov.

"Commission of Roscosmos which visited the Institute acknowledged the assembly department of the Center as one of the five best departments in Moscow oriented on the small-batch production of the most compicated electronic components", - the Head of the Center Alexander Chapurnov told us.

In his opinion the Instrumentation Center provides possibility for production of the devices according to the up-to-date requirements to the quality of the spaceworthy electronics.

The Instrumentation Center is located in the building 35 of M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University. At the first floor there are departments of electronic components production, electronic components testing and computer center. Departments of mechanical processing, assembling and 3D-prototyping laboratory are located at the basement level, and design laboratory and recreation facilities - at the second floor.

The Instrumentation Center is not only a scientific and technological center where complicated electronic components are manufactured, but also an educational center for the students of colleges and institutes. For instance, the students of the Polytechnical College No 39 do practical training at the Center within the frames of collaboration between the University and the College.

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