Tests of the accelerator for radiograhic purposes are completed

Electron accelerator for radition non-destructive testing. Photo by Oleg Barinov.

Acceptance tests of the electron accelerator for radiation non-destructive testing (quality inspection of weld seals of the atomic reactors vessels) are completed at the Laboratory of electron accelerators. This accelerator is a joint product of the Laboratory and Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Scientific and production enterprise "Torium"", the Head responsible party of the Contract with the Ordzhonikidze Podol'sk Mechanic Plant.

Professor Vasily Shvedunov, the Head of the MSU Laboratory of electron accelerators, the Head of the SINP MSU Laboratory of electron beams of the Department of electromagnetic processes and atomic nuclei interaction told us: "The tests have proved high technical characteristics of the accelerator, which leave behind characteristics of the world analogues: possibility for adjustment of accelerated beam energy within the range of 3-8 MeV, bremsstrahlung dose rate within the range of 1-20 Gr/min, diameter of the focused spot on the deceleration target - less than 1 mm".

At the moment the accelerator is prepared to be shipped to the Ordzhonikidze Podol'sk Mechanic Plant.

The MSU Laboratory of electron accelerators was formed according to the RF Federal Law N 217 within the frames of public-private partnership between M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University and Joint-Stock Company "Scantronic Stystems" on the basis of SINP MSU.

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