Local Magic Nuclei

In this study, a new kind of atomic nuclei has been discovered, local magic nuclei. A theory of these nuclei has been developed as well. The named nuclei have same observed peculiarities as traditional magic nuclei but, unlike the latter ones, have no magic isotopes or isotones and manifest themselves at new magic numbers. These nuclei are 52,54Ca, 68Ni, 96Zr, and 114Sn in the Z = 20 – 50 region. To describe the new phenomena, we introduce ‘miraculous pairs’ (N, Z) etc., where the underline denotes a number losing its magicity in another pair. It is shown that these nuclei arise due to the one-time appearance of gaps within shells. The shell evolution is driven by two-particle nucleon-nucleon interactions. The proton-neutron tensor force makes a decisive contribution. Diagrams of the nucleon orbit energies have been constructed. New magic numbers N = 32, 34 in nuclei Z ≈ 40 are predicted. An evolving shell scheme which develops the traditional Goeppert-Mayer – Jensen scheme has been constructed.

Document number: 2018-1/892

Authors: Igor Boboshin

Email: Boboshin@depni.sinp.msu.ru

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