Photon absorption cross sections by nuclei containing nucleons from 12 to 65

We have based on 40 most close photonuclear experiments and have built photon
absorption cross sections by nucleus containing nucleons from 12 to 65.This cross
sections were got for 31 nuclides (12,13,14С, 14.15N, 16,17,18O, 19F, 23Na ,24,25,26Mg, 27Al,
28,29,30Si, 32,34S, 40Ar, 40,42,44,48Ca, 46,48Ti, 52Cr, 58,60Ni and 63,65Cu) with photon energies up
to 40 MeV. For most nuclides photon absorption cross sections were received by
summation photonuclear cross sections. For 12С, 14N, 16O, 19F, 27Al, 28Si и 40Ca it is
directly measured cross sections. Such cross sections systematic can be used for testing
theoretical accounts of the Giant Dipole Resonance, while exploring stars evolution and
deciding applied tasks.

Document number: 2002-27/711

Authors: B.S.Ishkhanov, I.M.Kapitonov, E.I.Lileeva, E.V.Shirokov,V.A.Erokhova, M.A.Yolkin, A.V.Izotova


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