Specialities of jet registration in CMS HF-calorimeter of LHC

Methodical task of jet finding in CMS HF-calorimeter has been set. We have
studied the efficiency of jet finding as a function of
transversal jet energy E^{JET}_T in Ar-Ar-collisions. We waste much
time for full simulation of HF-responses with help of CMSIM program.
That's why fast simulation program was written. Fast simulation procedure
for background includes parametrization of energy distribution in HF
towers of CMS depending on impact parameter. It has been calculated that
the efficiency of jet finding is about 100%% for jets with 40 GeV of
transversal energy and about 80%% for 40 GeV jets. Jet energy resolution
of HF-calorimeter for 40 GeV jets is 7%% for jets without
background and 20%% in case of reconstracted jets.

Document number: 2002-8/692

Authors: I.P.Lokhtin, A.N.Nikitenko, S.V.Petrushanko, L.I.Sarycheva, C.Yu.Teplov

Email: igor@lav01.sinp.msu.ru