Laboratory of galactic cosmic rays

Short name: LGCR

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Laboratory of galactic cosmic rays

The Laboratory of galactic cosmic rays (LGCR) was organized in 1989. From the very beginning it was headed by the Head of the Department of cosmic rays DSc. Vladimir Shestoperov. Since 2001 and up to present it's head is PhD. Dmitry Podorozhny.

From the moment of its foundation the objectives of the Laboratory were the following:
- processing of the data of the space experiment SOKOL (1984-1986) intended for the studies of spectra and chemical composition of galactic cosmic rays onboard a spacecraft by direct method;
- development of new methods for the studies of galactic cosmic rays oonboard a satellite and at high-altitude balloons by direct methods. This direction is one of the top-priority fields of SINP research.

Over the years of its existence the scientists of the Laboratory conducted research under state and commercial contracts, won grants of Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

The scientists of the Laboratory obtained a number of interesting results, they proposed several new methods for studies of galactic cosmic rays, conducted a number of testing experiments in CERN.

Currently the Laboratory is a Head center on the development of a spce experiment NUCLEON - "Studies of galactic cosmic rays and their chemical composition within energy range of 1011-1015 eV". Start of the experiment is planned for December 2013.

The scientists of the Laboratory are also actively participate in the following scientific projects:
- development of an Observatory of High-Energy Cosmic Rays by means of a heavy satellite (OLVE - Russian abbreviation);
- development of a complex of scientific equipment on the Moon surface (NEUTRONY).