Laboratory of high energies

Short name: LHE

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Laboratory of high energies

Laboratory of high energies (LHE) is organized in 1967. Till 2004 it was headed by Professor, Sc.D. Evegeny Leikin. Since 2005 its head is Sc.D. Leonid Gladilin.

The objective of the Laboratory is experimental high energy physics.

During 1970-80s the scientists of the Laboratory studied the processes of multiparticle production during proton-antiproton and deitron-antideitron interactions in the experiment "Lyudmila" in Protvino.

Currently among the scientists of the Laboratory there are two co-athors of an international experiment ATLAS of Large Hadron Collider (LHC), who took part in the discovery of Higgs bozon.

The Laboratory is involved in scientific collaboration with Joint Institute of Nuclear Research, CERN, DESY, KEK.

The scientists of the Laboratory take part in such huge projects as ATLAS at LHC, ZEUS at DESY.

In future the scientists are going to participate in the experiments at International Linear Collider (ILC).