Laboratory of field theory

Short name: LFT

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Laboratory of field theory

The Laboratory of field theory (LFT) was organized in 1975 as a part of the Department of high energies. In 1992 the Labratory became a part of the Department of theoretical physics of high energies (DTPHE). In 1975-1980 it was leaded by Professor, DSc. Yuri Shirokov. Beginning from 1980 till present its leader is Professor, DSc. Vadim Troitsky.

Today the scientists of the Laboratory conduct research in following directions:

• development of new geometrical and topological approaches to calibration theories of elementary particles, gravitation theory and space-time physics;
• studies of physical models with additional spatial dimensions;
• studies offundamental problems of quantum theory;
• studies of relativistic properties of quantum associated states, electromagnetic structure of compound systems;
• studies of relativistic properties of spin;
• studies of the processes of elementary particles interactions at high energies.

The main results of the Laboratory are presented in the defended 7 DSc. and 2 PhD. thesis, articles,published in the leading Russian and foreign journals ad several monographs and reviews. The scientists of the Laboratory activey collaborate with a number of Russian and foreign Univeristies and scientific centers.