For the first time the meeting of the scientific groups of developers of an integrated medium for planetary exploration (IMPEx) took place at SINP MSU

Annual meeting of the leaders of the scientific groups involved into the International project IMPEx - Integrated Medium for Planetary Exploration took place at SINP MSU. IMPEx is based on the database on the magentic fields and plasma in the magentospheres of the Solar system's planets compiled by means of operated on-orbit spacecrafts and the results of computer simulation. Four scientific groups (from Russia - consisting of the SINP scientists, Austria, Finland and France) participate in the IMPEx project.

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SINP scientists will carry out online monitoring of space weather

Soon space data visualization hall will be opened in the Space Monitoring Dara Center of SINP MSU, where current space weather will be displayed at plasma-panels.

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BiSQUID will probably allow decreasing of energy consumtion of supercomputers for 6 orders of magnitude!

The scientists of SINP and Physics Department of MSU have developed a new micro-circuit biSQUID from superconducting material with zero electrical resistance for the logical elements of supercomputer. Probably, the discovery will decrease energy consumption of supercomputers up to 6 orders of magnitude!

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Prof. Giovanni Bignami: “The situation in science is in our hands”

Professor Giovanni F. Bignami, president of COSPAR, visited Moscow upon invitation from Russian Academy of Sciences, on 11th of April just before the Cosmonautics Day. Despite an extremely tight schedule, Professor Bignami agreed to answer several short questions concerning upcoming COSPAR Scientific Assembly and current state of space science.

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Equipment developed by SINP scientists measure space radiation onboard GLONASS satellites for 8 years

The next GLONASS satellite with dose radiometer developed by the SINP scientists was successfully launched from the Plesetsk launching site on March 24.

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The Instrumentation Center of SINP MSU will produce electronic devices for ground-based and space research

The Instrumentation Center is now open at SINP MSU in order to develop and produce electronic devices of any complexity for space and ground-based scientific research.

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A workshop of the SINP DEPNI scientists and their colleagues from the National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering took place in SINP on November 25-26, 2013


A workshop of the SINP DEPNI scientists and their colleagues from Horia Hulubei - National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering - IFFN HH (Romania) - the Head organization of the European Project Extreme Light Infrastructure - Nuclear Physics on the development of high-energy source of monoenergetic gammas took place in SINP MSU on November 25-26, 2013. Dr. Dan Filipesku and Dr. Ovidiy Tisileanu met with SINP Director and made a presentation during the DEPNI seminar. The materials are presenated on site Nuclear Physics in Internet (

They discussed the possibilities and perspectives of SINP MSU participation in the international collaboration on the project and signed a joint Memorandum of understanding.