There is a promise of fine space weather at the beginning of the New Year

The Chief of Space Monitoring Center of D.V.Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics Vladimir Kalegaev predicted fine space weather for the New Year night: "Till January 1 geomagnetic conditions will be quiet. Geomagnetic and radiation conditions in the magnetosphere of the Earth and in the heliosphere will be within the normal ranges. Neither magnetic storms, no other evidences of solar activity are expected."

Space weather is understood as a complex of physical conditions in space which are related to the processes on the Sun, in the solar wind in the magnetosphere and ionosphere. Space weather can influence operation and safety of on-board and Earth-based technological systems, in particular: power systems, telecommunications, long-haul radio systems. So it is necessary to predict such disturbances taking into account that these systems are of particular importance for our life.

SINP Space Weather Center is one of the leading centers among analogous organizations in Russia in efficiency if space weather analysis. Real-time space weather prediction is available on site Internet-portal SWX is developed under suppert of MSU development program and the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation.

Prediction is based on the data of two meteorological satellites Electro-L1 and Meteor-M1. Parameters of space radiation in the near-Earth space are measured onboard the satellites and transmitted to the Earth, where they are processed and analyzed along with the data from other centers in order to obtain the most significant information about space weather. In 2013 it is planned to launch satellite "Lomonosov" developed by MSU team.

TheChief of the Center Vladimir Kalegaev and his team wished fulfilment of all purposes, success and welth in 2013 for all Russians who celebrate New Year both on the Earth and in space.