Scientists of the Institute are awarded a medal "For space exploration"

The head of the Medal

Scietists of the Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics Yury Logachev, Ivan Yashin and Ilya Rubinshtein are awarded with a medal "For space exploration". Corresponding decree was signed by the President of Russian Federation.

Medal "For space exploration" is a state decoration established by the decree of the President of Russian Federation in honour of 50th anniversary of the first human's flight to space. The round silver medal 32 mm in diameter is decorated with an image of the first space carrier rocket P-7 blasting off and three stars on the head and with circumscription "For space exploration" and a number of the medal on the reverse.

This state decoration is picked up to the cosmonauts of the space industry for great achivements in the field of space activity. In general this medal rewarded to the citizens for space studies, exploration and application; for the input into the development of ricket and space industry; for personnel training; for space scientific and design activity, and for development of international programs.

Yury Logahev, Ivan Yashin and Ilya Rubinshtein made a great contribution into the scientific exploration of space.

Professor Yuri Logachev conducted numerous experimental studies of space radiation in the near-Earth space, in the Earth's magnetosphere, in the inner and outer heliosphere. Today the results of these studies provide safety of space flights.

Ph.D. Ivan Yashin participated in the experimental studies of high-energy space radiation of galactic origin. He is a principal investigator of the experiments onboard the firstUniversity satellites "Universitetsky-Tatiana" and "Universitetsky-Tatiana-2". Currently he is a chief product manager of the scietific equipment for the MSU satellite "Lomonosov".

Ph.D. in Technical Sciences Ilya Rubinshtein developed a number of different types of spectrometes of high-energy electrons and protons, scietific equipment for the experiments onboard the satellites "Cosmos", "Molniya", "Horizon", "Universitetsky-Tatiana", etc. in order to study the Earth radiation belts. He actively participates in educational process, in particular, he redesigned several exercises for the Nuclear practical course.