A new web site has been recently launched at SINP

Rita Kaznacheeva, student of the 2nd year at Faculty of Physics, MSU, working at one of the UHECR projects

A new web site has been recently launched at SINP: UHECR@SINP.

The site is dedicated to three orbital projects aimed at studying ultra-high energy cosmic rays (UHECRs) that are developed with active participation of Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics, namely, Lomonosov, KLPVE and JEM-EUSO projects. Besides this, the site provides recent news on UHECRs and related fields of physics such as gamma-ray bursts, active galactic nuclei, gamma astronomy and others collected from arxiv.org and scientific journals available freely or through subscription of Moscow State University. Finally, the site provides some educational links for students.

The site is at its early stage, and is currently available in English only, but materials in Russian as well as miscellaneous new content in English are expected. The maintainers of the site welcome suggestions, comments and ideas concerning the project.