We cordially invite you to attend COSPAR 40th Scientific Assembly

We cordially invite you to attend COSPAR 40th Scientific Assembly, which will be held in Moscow, Russia, on 2–10 August, 2014.

COSPAR Scientific Assemblies belong to the most important meetings in space research, usually involving thousands of scientists and students and covering virtually every aspect of space science and exploration, from near Earth environment to the most deep space, brought to the audience by immediate participants and leaders of space projects.
Committee on Space Research of the International Council of Scientific Unions, or COSPAR, is non-governmental organization, founded in 1958 shortly after the launch of Sputnik. It is for the first time that the COSPAR Assembly takes place in Moscow, Russia. Conference venue is Lomonosov Moscow State University near natural wildlife reserve on the banks of Moskva River.
Besides scientific sessions, the Assembly's program include special interdisciplinary lectures covering broader subjects of space science. Detailed program and information can be found at http://www.cospar2014moscow.com/ and https://www.cospar-assembly.org/
Press center
COSPAR 40th Scientific Assembly
1. Media representatives can register at no cost via the Assembly's web page http://cospar2014moscow.com/
(Press Registration on http://www.cospar2014moscow.com/pages/registr-smi/index.php#cont-page).
Registration is needed to attend the Assembly, to acquire the participant's kit and Internet access password at the Assembly's venue.
Please, note some specific requirements for registration. A letter from the head of the media you are associated with is required (a sample letter can be downloaded from the web site). After the registration is complete and your credentials are verified, a confirmation letter will be sent to you e-mail.
Accredited members of media can subscribe to press releases of COSPAR 40th Scientific Assembly, under the obligation to comply with embargo dates.
2. Assembly's language is English. Main press releases will be made both in English and Russian.
3. If you are not affiliated with any particular media, but you activities are connected with public information (blogs, social networks, etc.), please, send a request for registration and accreditation to the press center of COSPAR 40th Scientific Assembly press@cospar2014moscow.com and indicate the resource you represent.
We will be happy to provide additional information by e-mail press@cospar2014moscow.com